Membership Details

The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce offers Benefits and Services to our Chamber members such as:

  • Grand Open Promotions/Ribbon Cuttings
  • Receive a Window Decal showing Membership
  • Opportunity to be an Event Sponsor
  • Opportunity to participate in Economic and Community Development in our county
  • Networking Opportunities with other organizations/businesses
  • Opportunity for Referrals
  • Business Workshops
  • Events such as First Responders Dinner, Jack O’ Lantern Jam, Choctaw County Christmas Parade and more

The Chamber’s short-term goal is to increase our awareness, the importance and impact the Chamber has on our community.

Our long-term goal is to be a voice in local, state and federal government and for our county to be recognized throughout the state.

The Chamber would like to make a difference and give back to our community by increasing our membership because 100 percent of the membership dues go directly to promoting our local businesses and events.

The Chamber impacts Choctaw County by serving, representing and enhancing business growth and success and promoting our community as a positive place to live, work and visit.

The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce has a membership level for everyone. From large corporations, small businesses to individuals. Feel free to print the membership form and return to us to become a member or reach out to learn more.

Membership Form