Who are we?

An 11-member board appointed by the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors to manage the county’s industrial property and to fund and support economic development.

The Choctaw County Economic Development District Trustees is comprised of two members appointed from each supervisor district with one at large. Each trustee is appointed for three-year terms, but serve at their pleasure.

The District Trustees are: President – Ron Bennett, Vice President – Nancy Jackson, Secretary – Juli Hughes, Lillie Anderson, Travis Bunkelman, Philip Evans, Lee James, Geneva Pratt, Dannie Reed, Chris Robinson and Brandon Shumaker.

How are we funded?

We are funded through the sale of fly ash which is a byproduct from the burning of the lignite from the Red Hills Power Operations, the coal burning power plant, that is located adjacent to the Red Hills Coal Mine. This product is the reason many of you live on county black top roads instead of gravel. Our supervisors are doing a great job of fixing these roads and have been able to share this knowledge with neighboring counties increasing sales and therefore income.

What does the District do?

The Choctaw County Economic Development District promotes Choctaw County encouraging industry, businesses and people to invest in Choctaw County.

We fund the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce and The Enterprise. The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce represents all our local businesses, supports county industry and organizes county events for the residents of Choctaw County. The Enterprise is the two-county economic development partnership of Choctaw and Webster Counties.