Where’s Weir? Just off Highway 12 in Choctaw County and eight miles from Ackerman. Don’t blink or you will miss the opportunity to visit a great small town where residents are full of charm and pride. The Town of Weir is the home to 546 residents, not including residents of several communities just outside of town like Panhandle and Spay.

Weir may be small but the town offers a variety of businesses including a dentist office, medical clinic, post office, Dollar General store, town hall and fire & police department.


Weir Elementary School is nestled close to the community. WES offers grades Pre-Kindergarten to 6th grade and is part of the Choctaw County School District.

The Weir community has many sources of pride including six state championship football teams, Miss America 1980–Cheryl Prewitt, four professional football players, Roy Oswalt-former professional baseball player and is the home to Mississippi Supreme Court Judge David Chandler.

Weir is the home of a Mississippi Blues Trail Marker in honor of the late “Big Lucky” Carter.


The roots of the town of Weir run deep…to mid-19th century, when this area was still part of neighboring Winston County. Two brothers, John and James Weir came to the region from South Carolina by way of Alabama, buying significant parcels of land around 1868, on which they planted cotton. Within 20 years or less of 1868, the community grew up around Weir’s Mill, railroad tracks were laid, and the Town of Weir was incorporated in 1884.

To see part of Weir’s history, visit Weir Cemetery to see John Weir’s monument or the Col. Weir Bed and Breakfast or as locals call it the “Weir Home.”

Printed with permission from The Choctaw Plaindealer